Create Incredible Digital Art with Procreate: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Create Incredible Digital Art with Procreate: A Comprehensive Tutorial
Digital art has become a popular medium for artists, as it offers endless possibilities for creativity and experimentation. And one app that has gained immense popularity among artists is Procreate. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Procreate has quickly become the go-to app for creating incredible digital art. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will explore the various tools and techniques in Procreate that will help you unleash your creativity and create awe-inspiring artworks.

Getting Started:

Before we dive into the details, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and tools of Procreate. Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store, open it and start a new canvas. Procreate offers various canvas sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your preference.

The Interface:

The interface of Procreate is user-friendly and designed to give you quick access to all the tools you need. The main toolbar, located at the top of the screen, contains essential tools like brushes, erasers, smudge, fill, and more. The sidebar on the left side provides additional options, such as layers, brushes, and the color picker tool. Spend some time exploring these tools to get accustomed to their functions.

Brushes and Customization:

Procreate offers a vast collection of brushes that can be customized to suit your artistic style. To access the brush library, tap on the brush icon in the main toolbar. From there, you can select different categories of brushes, including pencils, inks, paints, and textures. Once you have chosen a brush, you can adjust its size, opacity, and other parameters to achieve the desired effect. Procreate allows you to save your favorite brush presets for easy access.

Layers and Blend Modes:

Layers in Procreate are a powerful tool that allows you to work on different elements of your artwork separately. They give you the flexibility to make changes without affecting the rest of the composition. To add a new layer, tap on the “+” icon in the layers panel. You can rearrange, merge, or transform layers as per your requirement. Experimenting with blend modes, which determine how colors interact with each other, can give your artwork unique effects. Procreate offers a wide range of blend modes, such as multiply, overlay, screen, and more.

Transforming and Distorting:

Procreate provides several transformative tools that allow you to resize, rotate, and distort your artwork effortlessly. The transform tool, accessible from the main toolbar, lets you manipulate the size and position of your artwork. You can also use the liquify tool to push, pull, or warp specific areas, giving your artwork a surreal and distorted look.

Text and Typography:

Procreate is not limited to creating visual art; it also allows you to integrate text and typography into your compositions. With numerous font options and customization features, you can add meaningful quotes or titles to enhance your artwork’s impact. Simply tap on the “T” icon in the toolbar, select a font, and start typing. You can adjust the size, alignment, and spacing of the text to achieve the desired look.

Exporting and Sharing:

After you have completed your masterpiece, it’s time to showcase it to the world. Procreate makes it easy to export your artwork in various formats, such as JPEG, PNG, or PSD. You can send it directly to your social media accounts or save it to your device’s gallery for printing or future reference.


Procreate offers a comprehensive and intuitive platform for creating incredible digital art. With its vast range of brushes, versatile layers, transformative tools, and text integration, artists can explore endless possibilities and push the boundaries of their creativity. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, Procreate’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a must-have app for anyone interested in digital art. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and create awe-inspiring artworks with Procreate.
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